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The IDF is an educational organization that produces open access to educational materials online with the stated goal of “democratizing education by making world-class educational materials free for anyone, anywhere.”

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About IDF Birmingham

Welcome! The Interaction Design Foundation of Birmingham is led by Chastity Webb and Matt Herndon. In the coming months, we will be taking the responsibility and pleasure of building a vibrant and meaningful community of UX Designers in Birmingham. There will soon be regular meet-ups where we can network with one another, discuss UX problems and solutions, and talk about anything relating to user experience. We can’t wait to see the community we’ll build together. We are excited to get to know every one of our members. Please contact us as we are available for any questions and open to any ideas you’d like to see implemented within our group.

The IDF Birmingham Leadership

Chastity Webb

Chastity Webb

Co Lead

Nothing excites me more than the exchange of knowledge
and ideas among passionate people. My interests are in
making sure systems and interfaces are human-friendly,
aesthetically-pleasing, and usable. As a current student, I am
a firm believer in developing personal and professional
skills. I am delighted to explore UX-related topics and help
build a meaningful community with the IDF Birmingham team.
Matt Herndon

Matt Herndon

Co Lead

As a leader, I believe it’s essential to surround myself with more influential, wiser, and successful individuals than myself. I am a fierce defender of delivering high-value and high-quality services to clients in my daily job, helping them better understand how to serve their users’ needs. My interest in IDF is to enable new individuals to discover all that IDF can provide and grow into a higher capacity for personal and professional success. Join us!